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Hi. My name is Cindy and I am a life-long animal lover and dog owner who has been pet sitting within Coosawattee River Resort and surrounding Ellijay for the past six years. It all began when a few close neighbors and friends began asking me to care for their pets while they were away. They knew that I, along with my husband of twenty-five years and our three children, are huge animal lovers. They also knew that while living in Florida I was employed for years as a veterinary technician as well as a kennel worker. Before long they started telling some of their friends and relatives about me, who in turn began to ask me to care for their pets as well. After a little while I realized that I had a business in the making. After weighing my options, I decided that even with a college education, what I already had been doing with my time was what I most enjoyed. It also gave me tremendous satisfaction knowing that I was providing people in my community with a much-needed service. I fully understand the concerns of fellow animal lovers who like me, consider their pets to be treasured members of their family. Not only do they want the peace of mind knowing that their beloved pets are safe and well cared for in their absence; but also that their homes are being treated with integrity. So, in 2018 I made it official and launched All in the Family Pet Sitting. Please know that I am a member of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC and am bonded and insured.


Dogs and Cats


Anyone who knows me can tell you I am the quintessential dog lover. Since I was born I have never been without a dog in my family. Beginning when I was in grade school I have rescued more dogs than I can ever begin to count. Big or small, regardless of breed, I will gladly become your dog's new best friend. Now that doesn't mean that I don't love cats too! I have also owned cats through the years and have plenty of cat friends who love me back just as much.

Other Domestic Pets


Families come in all shapes and sizes. Besides dogs and cats I know that there are many other types of pets that need to be cared for. I won't forget about them either!



As a horse owner, I along with my daughter will gladly help you out with your horsekeeping needs. Now I am a mom, so I can't pass by an opportunity to brag on any of my kids. My youngest daughter is an accomplished equestrian and has been riding since she was eight years old. In high school she was a member of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) and part of a competitive Hunt seat team. She is now a freshman at Kennesaw State University competing at the college level. If you need any type of help with caring for your horses (feeding, grooming, turn out, blanketing, mucking stalls, etc.), as well as any other barn animals, we will gladly answer that call as well. 


Gallery of Family and Friends    


If you live in or are planning to visit Ellijay and are seeking quality care for your pets, please contact me and I will be happy to arrange a complimentary meet and greet. I thank you in advance for considering me for all your future pet sitting needs.


Call or Text: 706-889-4218


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